The many artists I met as general manager of a culture center in Munich, Germany awoke in me the desire to eventually be an artist by myself.

At this point in my life, "sans" material pressures, I am exploring this dream of an artistic journey.


First, I took various courses in Fluid Painting and designed numerous art works successfully.

The participation in one class introduced me to Fusing Glass. So, I joined the magical glass art world, giving me the possibility to fabricate unique jewelry, bowls, plates and to fabricate other exceptional artistic creations.


Transforming my creativity, ideas and positive energy to useful and colorful "surprises" is highly satisfying and inspiring, which I love to experience in my daily life.


Moreover, I can project my joy to you, your families, and to your homes.


So I invite you to join the world that I create with colors, that speak to your senses and shapes that capture your interest.


Carpe diem!

Finally, let me tell you, this all is an AMAZING ADDICTION

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